Most Recommended Meat Dishes For Organizations’ Meeting

Are you tired of having sugar high with your usual pastries and bagels every Monday meeting? Or are you the one worrying what to serve on your Sunday brunch? Perhaps your boss sprung an impromptu client meeting on you?

Worry no more as we give you our Top 8 List of Most Recommended Meat Dishes for a hearty, unique and wholesome session that doesn’t require so much time to prepare meat and other ingredients. In this list, we are giving you a new spin in preparing meat dishes for a wholesome audience.

1. Smoked Mackerel Fishcake
This economical fish is easy to find and easy to prepare. You can find a can of smoked mackerel in the supermarket or (if have time, a smoker and access to fresh Mackerel Meat) you can smoke it yourself.

You won’t feel guilty eating this healthy dish as Mackerels are part of a sustainable staple. This dish takes about 40 minutes to prepare and best served with horseradish cream sauce for soft and sweet take or a marina sauce for deep flavor.

2. Pulled Smoked Chicken Wing Lettuce Wrap
Take your ordinary chicken wing, smoke it (to add depth to the flavor) and pull it to create a new take on your ordinary lettuce wrap. You can serve it spicy, fiery or volcano hot on top of chickpeas, walnuts, and raisins for a sweet and crunchy take.

Another serving suggestion for this prepared meat would be lettuce, tomato cucumber, and carrots for a much fresher taste.

3. Smoked Haddock Chowder
If you want to serve a comforting meal on a rainy day, this fish meat dish is best for you Instead of using mashed potato as a thickener, you can add flour and cream as well as an array of vegetables such as celery, leeks, carrots, spinach, and sweet corn.

4. Chicken Caprese Sandwich
Did you have a leftover smoked chicken on your fridge? This dish is best for impromptu rescheduling of Sunday brunch. Just take your leftover chicken, prop it on top of a sliced bagel, put on cherry tomatoes and sprinkle it with love and cheese before putting it in the oven to toast. Voila! You have yourself some healthy and filling chicken Caprese Sandwich.

5. Smoked Chicken Chili
Did you have more of that leftover chicken sitting duck on your fridge? Take it out and prepare a smoked chicken chili to warm the hearts and fire your brain cells into a drive. Just add your chicken and chili powder in a saucepan on medium heat. Stir the soup mix and water into the pan and slow cook for about 10 minutes before adding the beans and you have yourself a smoked chicken chili.

6. Creamed Leeks and Moked Haddock on Toast
Just layer your ingredients in a baking dish together with your prepared smoked haddock, cover with breadcrumbs and butter and bake until a bubbling creamy goodness. Spoon your creamy dish on top of a toast and put on your choice of garnish to add flair and flavor to your dish.

7. Asian Chicken Salad
Just throw in together a smoked roasted chicken, thinly-sliced cabbage, cilantro, thinly-sliced carrots, oranges, lettuce, cashew nuts and a touch of lime (plus your choice of dressing) together in a bowl and you have yourself a delicious Asian Chicken Salad.

Just a tip: You may also add sesame seeds Of you like) and substitute cashew for almonds.

8. Smoked Salmon with Dill Sauce
The most recommended appetizer for your array of meat dishes is the smoked salmon with dill sauce. It offers you a light, easy and subtly elegant appetizer for your meat entrees.

Now, you have great choices of smoked dishes for a mixed organization or an organization with people from different cultures. Of course, you don’t want to have hungry people in a meeting because it can greatly affect the productivity of the meeting.

Ping pong in a mixed organization?

A mixed organization comprises of all levels of personnel and operations. At times, there is so much work pressure such that employees have to work longer hours than normal. In extreme cases, to save on cost, some departments are merged into one system making the worker have double if not triple job descriptions. This leads to longer working hours and less physical activity.

The management of the mixed organization can opt to purchase pong tables ( to allow the employees engage in table tennis competitions as a team-building event. In addition, the brain game which is physically intensive helps employees to improve their mental and physical health.

The physical health of an employee of a mixed organization is vital since it increases the contact hours in the business, which further increases productivity. After a hard day’s work with so much pressure, instead of grasping a cup of coffee which makes you inactive; why not take your employees and engage in a friendly ping pong game?

The benefits of the game in the ping pong have the overall effect of increase sales and services as well as elevating the organization to the next level.

 Team building

When departments in the mixed organization decide to make a team and compete. To add fun to the event, the management can have awards for the best teams in various categories. This is a great teambuilding event which helps to relieve stress and make employees happy and have positive energy to handle challenges in the mixed organization.

 Helps build employee’s personality development

 In the competition, there is always a winner and a looser. The table tennis game helps you to handle the defeat as a motivating factor for improvement. The winner, of course, will want to try their best to ensure they remain on top all the time, in fact, in their informal talks there will be accountability remarks on “winners”

 Enhances interpersonal relationship

 The personnel has to meet at the table tennis court after a hard day’s work. In the playground, there is no superiority or bureaucracy. Imagine playing and defeating the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. The informal set up helps to create respect among employees irrespective of their positions in the organizations.

 Improves social interactions

Naturally, people have different weaknesses and strengths, while playing ping pong all these characteristics come out. This makes you have a different perspective of your colleagues. The lowest rates employee could turn to be the best butter in the ping pong company team.

 Improve physical and mental health

 Ping pong is both a mental and a physical game which requires proper coordination between the body movements and reasoning to hit the ball against the opponent for the sake of the ball landing at the place within the court but away from the reach of the opponent.

 All these benefits help employees to have an overall personality development which helps him/her to use logic in their decision making for the company and for their own personal goals in life. This improves the financial base of the mixed organization.

Does pellet smoker enhance productivity for the mixed organization?


Mixed organizations saved money on a pellet grill to ensure they improve productivity by minimizing on time employees take to go out and have a meat bite. Increased productivity enhances financial bargain of companies. There is no debate on this; the only controversy is to decide between Pit Boss and Traeger ( The dual functions of pellets makers make them the best kitchen appliance to meet varied cooking tastes of employees.


There is a lot of pressure and tight deadlines for mixed organizations, the more they save time the better for them. Such organizations have a high turnover of employees even if the salaries and packages are high. The management through research tends to avail other services and team building sessions to reduce these challenges. Purchasing a pellet smoker for employees creates a win-win situation. The employees save money to buy lunch outside the premises, at the same time they tend to spend more hours in the office, of course, they will not idle around, they have to find something useful to do in the office. This is where they think on the best strategies to make the organization successful. This enhances employee loyalty, which is paramount to move the mixed organization to the next level.


Pellet grills are outdoor kitchen appliances that use gas, electric and wood pellets, whichever the choice, great care should be taken to ensure it does not take more time for employees. If an organization can have a variety of different departments, it is the best decision. It serves two purposes; they can engage in baking, roasting or roasting for staff parties, this is in itself is a team building session for social interaction and social development. Secondly, it helps to cater for a varied taste of cooking techniques and food tastes. Occasionally, a surprise meal for departments, after a winning a reward is not a bad idea. Employees will not only feel valued but also feel loved and their efforts recognized.


Traeger uses only wood fuel, the recipes are tasty and delicious, though they require patience during preparation. The management with can opt to employ a resident chef to prepare meals for the employees. How lucky are these employees? To break the monotony, departments can take turns in the preparation of grilled recipes from Traeger to enhance their personality development ideal for operations of the mixed organization.


Pit boss in an eight-in-one kitchen appliance that gives value for the tastes of different recipes. The management of a large mixed organization must invest in pit boss because of its multiple functions for the sake of all employees and guests. In fact, there is no need of contracting a food service provider when the appliance is in the premise. All you need is an experienced chef to manage all recipes during office parties.


During normal days, an employee can carry raw meat and prepare the meal within the premise in the shortest time possible. Pellet grills for mixed organization help to break boredom in the office; save time and money and enhance employee relations for personality development. All these improve the productivity of services and goods with a goal of increasing profits.

The best home tools for a mixed organization


A mixed organization is a daytime home for employees; just the same, way you want your home to be neat and tidy, similarly, the organization needs the same. Home tools are effective equipment to make work easier and simpler. Paint sprayers; watering cans, weed eaters; lawn mower and vacuum cleaners are some example of simple home tools ideal for a mixed organization.


First impression count, when a guest visits the premises of the organization and the first thing he notices is a unique landscaping project and a beautiful flower garden. There is a positive attitude about the organization. As he proceeds, he gets to see quality wall paintings and wall fittings for the office cabinets. Professionalism and integrity find its way on his mind. While in the office, he cannot fail to notice a clean and tidy floor a clear indication of the use of state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner for the sparkling look. He does a self-talk “there is serious business here, I have to follow suit” Home tools are effective to assist in achieving the mission and goals of the mixed organization.


Paint sprayers come in handy to sort painting needs of the organization. The choice of quality sprayers – airless sprayers- matters a lot to get a clear and smooth finishing. If the walls have a poor finishing, no client will take you seriously. In fact, they even imagine you offer shoddy services. To employees, it gives a negative impression of attention to detail from the management. That is when the doubt comes in. “will they be able to cater for my needs as desired”


The grass needs to be trimmed and well maintained, not only to keep away predators like frogs and snakes but also to give employees and clients a place to relax and interact with nature. They need to relax and enjoy the breeze as they meditate on the best decision concerning the operations of the mixed organization. This leads to a motivated employee who will pump all effort in line with the organization policies and regulations.


The flower gardens should be watered to keep them fresh and grow to display the unique landscaping project. Watering cans come in handy especially, when the weather is not conducive. A mixed organization with dry flowers is as well as a bare land. It is ugly and relates to the parameters of the mixed organization.


Home tools for indoor functions are also essential to save time and enhance the durability of electronics. Computers, photocopiers, laminators among other office equipment are prone to crashes. Some come because of accumulation of dust particles, which you can have a routine clean up using a blow dryer to keep them dry and to remove dust, which might have settled thus inhibiting their functionality. To find the best tools visit



Home tools are essential even in an organization to carry out specific operations, which are vital for general outlook of the mixed organization. Unconsciously, employees develop an attitude towards an organization based on the overall planning and operations of the company. A positive attitude means a motivated employee increasing employee loyalty, increasing productivity and reducing the rate of employee turnover.

The best option for dog food in a mixed organization

Dogs are pets for the residential and commercial enterprises. Some employees opt to have their pet dogs in their offices to the provider company. Research shows, in a mixed organization characterized by work pressure and busy work life, a dog helps to relieve anxiety and help employees to exercise hence improving productivity.



Yes, the dogs find shelter in a mixed organization, what is the best food for them that does not make them irritable thus causing distraction and disturbances? Dasquin’s Nutramax is a good option and the best Dog’s Food.


Dasquin’sNutramax is a nutritive dog food recommended by veterinarians. It has avocado as the main ingredient which makes the dog fuller at all times, making it stay calm and allow employees to have a peaceful working environment. The fact that it works on the joint, it keeps the dog active in a non-irritable manner, this is the point the dog is in the office ( if the mixed organization policy allows) and it just moves around the office and having a nice self-play time without distracting employees of the mixed organization.


The stimulation of the dog’s mobility helps to allow scheduled time for the dog to have a walk as a form of exercise to the owner and the dog. This ensures the employee also provides company to the pet and is relaxed since the dog is not a barrier to his productivity. The exercises are helpful for physical and mental fitness of the employee.


Dasquin’sNutramax cannot make the dogs be in one place for long, in a mixed organization, he will be alert as a security measure. In case there is any unauthorized access to the premises of the mixed organization, it is sensitive and alert to make a timely move through barking. The attack and defense skills varies, depending on the training and dog species


Dasquin is yet another dog meal which is a pain reliever. Since its main role is protection, its enhanced mobility can be a cause of pain and inflammation due to fatigue. Dasquin comes in handy as a preventive measure such that the mixed organization does not spend more money on medical expenses of the dog. When the dog is ill, it is anxious and constantly barks causing a low concentration of the employees.


Cashews are ideal for dogs but in moderation because of the fat content which causes weight gain in dogs and further obesity which is fatal. The essential fibers and minerals in cashews are significant for dogs’ overall health and alleviating simple symptoms like pain and headaches. When the dog is unhealthy, the mixed organization is not in peace because of noise, irritability, and nervousness of the pet.


If a mixed organization chooses to have dogs within the premise, then a veterinary nutritionist should be available to provide the best dog food to ensure they serve the safety and protection purpose of the organization. In addition, let the food be nutritious and balanced to prevent ailments, which have a huge financial impact on the mixed organization.

Email Campaign for Gender Advocacy through Email Automation

Marketing software has a big role in the dissemination of information even for gender advocacy groups. The automation system tools provide an interactive platform to ensure your target audience has the right Email campaigns for all its events. Gender advocacy programs promote the use of safe and protective gender-based issues. Marketing automation tools help to reach the international market with just a click of a button.


Convertkit, Mailchimp, infusionsoft and leadpages are the oldest and major marketing automation tools. They are major competitors in the marketing industry for they fight for control of a larger percentage of the market share. They outshine each other through the addition of value added service. What brings the difference? Check out for more information.


Convertkit is a tool designed for bloggers, the Email marketing feature in the marketing automation tool has automated functions to create a database for future communications. A gender advocacy organization needs a tool that can capture leads and categorize them for communication of gender advocacy campaigns. The sequential format of the software makes it simple and straightforward in interactive communication.


Gender advocacy involves the use of educative and informative content in their communication. Convertkit is ideal because of the landing pages and links to social media platform for the propagation of their events and Email campaigns.


Gender advocacy is a non-profit organization with no specific budget for marketing. Infusionsoft is a marketing tool designed for small businesses to capture leads, manage automated Email functions and an e-commerce platform for operating funds from donors and sponsors. The toolkit does not only provide sales and marketing features but manages leads for completion of the sales process. Once a gender advocacy organization gets the leads from the lead capture platform, the tool manages all communications through notification, making all interested parties in the program values through email responders, and directs them to a link to a page where they can complete payment transaction in case of donation; the online payment integration.


Leadpages is yet another platform effective for gender advocacy organizations, they are integrated with various marketing automation solutions to ensure they capture leads through all channels of communication – email, texts, subscriptions, registration among other messaging platforms. Communication tools are the entry point for your database. Lead pages categorized the contacts for customized Email campaigns. Imagine a donor receiving an Email campaign on a Gender-based program that he funds. It is not only demeaning but portrays disrespect for the sponsor. Lead pages come in handy to sort such messes.


Integration is a plus in leadpages; the marketing automation systems tools need to incorporate various communication channels to enhance their target audience for a successful participation of gender advocacy programs. Leadpages increases the impact on Customer Relationship Management solutions making it interactive and customized.


Marketing automation works for both profitable and non-profitable enterprises. The businesses just need to use features that fit their objective in marketing and communication. Due diligence on marketing solutions is advisable to ensure there is value for the investment. Marketing solutions with a free trial are even better to prove the efficiency of the marketing automation.

Why Gender and Commerce?

The strategies of economic openness and trade liberalization that have been implemented in the last decades have had a strong impact on Latin American economies and societies. Despite auspicious outlooks, economic growth slowed and vulnerability increased with unprecedented crises and recession. The region as a whole reinforced the characteristic of being the most inequitable in the world in terms of income distribution. This is the reason why La Red Internacional de Género y Comercio (International Gender and Trade Network, IGTN) exists.