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Women also face barriers to taking part in commerce and trade.

They include cultural and regulatory biases, employment restrictions, maternity obstacles, skills mismatch, limited access to productive resources and capital, and insufficient information on markets and business networks.

Assessment of gender impacts help understand trade agreements’ gender-differentiated effects. Outcomes of the assessments can identify the intentional and non-intentional effects of trade liberalization.

Eventually, assessment outcomes help stakeholders in the private and public sectors to understand where and how to act for trade agreements to allow for more inclusive growth patterns.

We measure gender equality in trade to help different nations identify they data they need to organize statistics usefully. We also use the data to identify gaps, understand gender inequalities and address related issues.

Free trade agreements (FTAs) affect employment, GDP, and wages. They also reduce trade deficits or surpluses with partner nations.

Free trade agreements can lead to loss of traditional livelihoods, natural resources degradation and issues with local employment. This explains the need to balance the effects of FTAs with a country’s domestic benefits.

FTAs create opportunities for economic growth and direct foreign investment, and creates better goods. However, it lowers taxes and reduces government expenditures.

Free trade reduces barriers to exports and imports among countries that enter into a pact. Goods and services are sold or bought across international borders with little to no government quotas, tariffs, prohibitions or subsidies.

It’s a cross-border trade without governmental interference with tariffs or subsidies. It’s free and eliminates the inequalities and inefficiencies of trade.

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Trade policies perpetuate societal gender inequalities

inequalities just as they interact with the economy. Differential effects of free trade agreements on men and women touch on policies design, assessment and implementation. This reveals the effect of trade on gender equality.