Email Campaign for Gender Advocacy through Email Automation

Marketing software has a big role in the dissemination of information even for gender advocacy groups. The automation system tools provide an interactive platform to ensure your target audience has the right Email campaigns for all its events. Gender advocacy programs promote the use of safe and protective gender-based issues. Marketing automation tools help to reach the international market with just a click of a button.


Convertkit, Mailchimp, infusionsoft and leadpages are the oldest and major marketing automation tools. They are major competitors in the marketing industry for they fight for control of a larger percentage of the market share. They outshine each other through the addition of value added service. What brings the difference? Check out for more information.


Convertkit is a tool designed for bloggers, the Email marketing feature in the marketing automation tool has automated functions to create a database for future communications. A gender advocacy organization needs a tool that can capture leads and categorize them for communication of gender advocacy campaigns. The sequential format of the software makes it simple and straightforward in interactive communication.


Gender advocacy involves the use of educative and informative content in their communication. Convertkit is ideal because of the landing pages and links to social media platform for the propagation of their events and Email campaigns.


Gender advocacy is a non-profit organization with no specific budget for marketing. Infusionsoft is a marketing tool designed for small businesses to capture leads, manage automated Email functions and an e-commerce platform for operating funds from donors and sponsors. The toolkit does not only provide sales and marketing features but manages leads for completion of the sales process. Once a gender advocacy organization gets the leads from the lead capture platform, the tool manages all communications through notification, making all interested parties in the program values through email responders, and directs them to a link to a page where they can complete payment transaction in case of donation; the online payment integration.


Leadpages is yet another platform effective for gender advocacy organizations, they are integrated with various marketing automation solutions to ensure they capture leads through all channels of communication – email, texts, subscriptions, registration among other messaging platforms. Communication tools are the entry point for your database. Lead pages categorized the contacts for customized Email campaigns. Imagine a donor receiving an Email campaign on a Gender-based program that he funds. It is not only demeaning but portrays disrespect for the sponsor. Lead pages come in handy to sort such messes.


Integration is a plus in leadpages; the marketing automation systems tools need to incorporate various communication channels to enhance their target audience for a successful participation of gender advocacy programs. Leadpages increases the impact on Customer Relationship Management solutions making it interactive and customized.


Marketing automation works for both profitable and non-profitable enterprises. The businesses just need to use features that fit their objective in marketing and communication. Due diligence on marketing solutions is advisable to ensure there is value for the investment. Marketing solutions with a free trial are even better to prove the efficiency of the marketing automation.