Most Recommended Meat Dishes For Organizations’ Meeting

Are you tired of having sugar high with your usual pastries and bagels every Monday meeting? Or are you the one worrying what to serve on your Sunday brunch? Perhaps your boss sprung an impromptu client meeting on you?

Worry no more as we give you our Top 8 List of Most Recommended Meat Dishes for a hearty, unique and wholesome session that doesn’t require so much time to prepare meat and other ingredients. In this list, we are giving you a new spin in preparing meat dishes for a wholesome audience.

1. Smoked Mackerel Fishcake
This economical fish is easy to find and easy to prepare. You can find a can of smoked mackerel in the supermarket or (if have time, a smoker and access to fresh Mackerel Meat) you can smoke it yourself.

You won’t feel guilty eating this healthy dish as Mackerels are part of a sustainable staple. This dish takes about 40 minutes to prepare and best served with horseradish cream sauce for soft and sweet take or a marina sauce for deep flavor.

2. Pulled Smoked Chicken Wing Lettuce Wrap
Take your ordinary chicken wing, and smoke it using the Traeger Pro series (to add depth to the flavor) this pellet smoker produce very little smoke, so your food will always be full of flavor. Pull it to create a new take on your ordinary lettuce wrap. You can serve it spicy, fiery or volcano hot on top of chickpeas, walnuts, and raisins for a sweet and crunchy take.

Another serving suggestion for this prepared meat would be lettuce, tomato cucumber, and carrots for a much fresher taste.

3. Smoked Haddock Chowder
If you want to serve a comforting meal on a rainy day, this fish meat dish is best for you Instead of using mashed potato as a thickener, you can add flour and cream as well as an array of vegetables such as celery, leeks, carrots, spinach, and sweet corn.

4. Chicken Caprese Sandwich
Did you have a leftover smoked chicken on your fridge? This dish is best for the impromptu rescheduling of Sunday brunch. Just take your leftover chicken, prop it on top of a sliced bagel, put on cherry tomatoes, and sprinkle it with love and cheese before putting it in the oven to toast. Voila! You have yourself some healthy and filling chicken Caprese Sandwich.

5. Smoked Chicken Chili
Did you have more of that leftover chicken sitting duck on your fridge? Take it out and prepare a smoked chicken chili to warm the hearts and fire your brain cells into a drive. Just add your chicken and chili powder to a saucepan on medium heat. Stir the soup mix and water into the pan and slow cook for about 10 minutes before adding the beans and you have yourself a smoked chicken chili.

6. Creamed Leeks and Moked Haddock on Toast
Just layer your ingredients in a baking dish together with your prepared smoked haddock, cover with breadcrumbs and butter and bake until a bubbling creamy goodness. Spoon your creamy dish on top of a toast and put on your choice of garnish to add flair and flavor to your dish.

7. Asian Chicken Salad
Just throw in together a smoked roasted chicken, thinly-sliced cabbage, cilantro, thinly-sliced carrots, oranges, lettuce, cashew nuts and a touch of lime (plus your choice of dressing) together in a bowl and you have yourself a delicious Asian Chicken Salad.

Just a tip: You may also add sesame seeds If you like) and substitute cashew for almonds.

8. Smoked Salmon with Dill Sauce
The most recommended appetizer for your array of meat dishes is the smoked salmon with dill sauce. It offers you a light, easy, and subtly elegant appetizer for your meat entrees.

Now, you have great choices of smoked dishes for a mixed organization or an organization with people from different cultures. Of course, you don’t want to have hungry people in a meeting because it can greatly affect the productivity of the meeting.