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We focus on advocating for the spread and support for assessment of the differential impact of trade agreements on women. We also promote the formulation of policies that support social and gender equity when it comes to economic development.

We understand that trade and trade policy affect men and women differently. And some trade policies don’t put into account existing gender inequalities. Gender discrimination also gives birth to negatives associated with geographic location, socioeconomic status, class, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and disability.

Trade policies perpetuate societal gender inequalities just as they interact with the economy. Differential effects of free trade agreements on men and women touch on policies design, assessment and implementation. This reveals the effect of trade on gender equality.

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More About Us

Genero Y Comercio

We analyze relevant statistics and data affecting men and women in regards to trade agreement. This helps us understand the prevailing trade landscape and unearth inequalities for addressing.

We understand that gender and trade interact across various channels, producing country-specific effects that require assessment based on individual cases. A strategy that works in one country may fail in another due to various factors.

The factors that vary from country to country include economic climates, structures of labor markets, trade liberalization degrees, women’s degree of participation in various societal sectors such as the economy or politics, and existing gender inequalities across different sectors such as manufacturing or health.

Effective trade policies work together with domestic policies to support the empowerment and inclusion of women in economic development.

At Genero Y Comercio, we identify the best practices and offer policy guidance on how public policy can ensure that female producers and entrepreneurs, including women-led export companies can access market opportunities that result from free trade agreements.


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Core Values

Gender Equality

We fight for the inclusion of women in trade agreements and economic development.



We believe that honesty is the foundation of successful endeavors, including inclusion of women in trade agreements and economic development.



We base our beliefs on integrity because it’s core to creating opportunities for both men and women.



We believe that transparent and honest processes are key to attaining gender equality in trades and economic development.


Information and Education

Inform and educate our audience on various issues that touch on trade agreements, gender equality and economic development.


We also create awareness on the need to include women in trade agreements and economic development.

Policy Formulation

We support the formulation of relevant policies that support the inclusion of women in trade and economic development.